Changes of 邮件ing Address


Help us keep up with you by letting us know when your mailing address changes.

Add or update your mailing address

If you’re the account holder and would like your energy bills sent to your mailing address instead of your service address.


Send bills to a third-party

If you’re the account holder and would like:

  • Your bills sent to a third-party on your behalf, e.g. property manager or bill consolidator
  • Or, to authorize another person or company to make updates to your mailing address

Complete our Authorization to Receive Customer Information or Act on a Customer's Behalf.

Complete Authorization

Send the completed form to 西班牙&E by email, mail or 传真


Special Services Desk, CP-62A
P.O. 129831箱
San Diego, CA 92112-9831


传真: 1-858-636-7719
Attention: Special Services Desk